This blog is dedicated to the young, talented and upcoming Australian actor Eamon Farren.

Always trying to find anything related to him and his work to date, but bare with me, because this blog has just started.

As this is the first, and, (as far as I know), only appreciation page for this actor, it took me quite a while to find everything you see here. Therefore, please respect my work, and only REBLOG my posts rather than copy and RE-POST them. --- Thank you

Any submissions are always more than welcome.

Eamon, if you should ever stumble upon this blog... I hope you like it!

PS: For those people, who think they need to send me anon messages - This blog is a hobby, not an obsession! I am not stalking anyone, I only wanted to create a page for people who appreciate Eamon's acting, and who want to be up to date with his latest projects.
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Exploring Barcelona

Source: Instagram


Behind the Scenes — Episode 3: Meet the Cast and Crew

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Barcelona, and still falling

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Watch  online »> CRYSTAL JAM (2010) «< 

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Staircase fall Notre Dame

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Vive la france

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Part of 

Behind the Scenes — Episode 2: Location, Location

Filming LOVE IS NOW, plus picture of the cast

Photos: Facebook

Love is now - Night shots

Pictures: Facebook

Eamon and Claire van der Boom “Love is now”
Pictures: Instagram

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Work in progress… LOVE IS NOW set

Photo: IG

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There he goes…

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Eamon, Jim and Anna

Photo: Instagram

Double trouble ;)

Eamon with Anna Torv (first pic) and Heather Mitchell (below)

Pictures: Instagram

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Love is now - Behind the Scenes