This blog is dedicated to the young, talented and upcoming Australian actor Eamon Farren.

Always trying to find anything related to him and his work to date, but bare with me, because this blog has just started.

As this is the first, and, (as far as I know), only appreciation page for this actor, it took me quite a while to find everything you see here. Therefore, please respect my work, and only REBLOG my posts rather than copy and RE-POST them. --- Thank you

Any submissions are always more than welcome.

Eamon, if you should ever stumble upon this blog... I hope you like it!

PS: For those people, who think they need to send me anon messages - This blog is a hobby, not an obsession! I am not stalking anyone, I only wanted to create a page for people who appreciate Eamon's acting, and who want to be up to date with his latest projects.
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Some light reading by Eamon Farren between scenes


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Boom! Eamon Farren and Trent Dobson on the Love is now film set.

Photo: Instagram

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Giddyup! (Photo Instergram)

Eamon and Claire van der Boom, shooting LOVE IS NOW

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"just gettin’ yelled at by an alpaca"

Photo:Eamons IG

Clip about shooting the new film LOVE IS NOW by Jim Lounsbury, starring Eamon Farren & Claire van der Boom

If you like Eamon & Alpacas, this is for you!

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Can i take your picture?

Eamon at Hunter Vally Zoo with a skeptical frogmouth

Filming “Love is now"

Photos from the films FB page

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Eamon on set - “Love is now”

Photo: linet3177

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Behren Schulz and Eamon Farren (Love is now Set)
photo by Moviehole

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"Tourists" at the big Merino in Goulburn for Love is Now
Eamon Farren and Claire van der Boom

Pic from Claire’s IG

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In Film Australia about LOVE IS NOW

Filming for “Love is now” has started. First pics of Eamon at the set.

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Production wall “Love is now” film - starring Eamon Farren & Clair van der Boom

From Eamons IG

Have you ever heard of Carlotta?

She’s the brilliantly funny Transgender performer who’s packed cabaret shows in Sydney since the 60’s, right up to today.

The ABC has finally made a movie of her life, following her transition from Richard to Carol to her stage persona Carlotta. It’s a great watch and provides a fascinating insight into the rather hypocritical dichotomy between transgender performances, and transgender rights, in King’s Cross in the 60’s.

Aussie Actor Eamon Farren, who skillfully played Carlotta’s best friend Danny, or as she prefers to be called, Ava caught up with host Sam King to discuss Eamon’s part in the film.